Dume (2LP)

Dume (2LP)

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Dume is a 16-song album (2 LPs) by Neil Young with Crazy Horse from 1975, recorded during the Zuma recording sessions. It includes tracks and outtakes from Zuma. This album is included as CD #8 CD in Neil Young’s Archives Volume II. This is the debut release on vinyl.

Side A:
1. Ride My Llama
2. Cortez The Killer*
3. Don’t Cry No Tears*
4. Born To Run
Side B:
1. Barstool Blues*
2. Danger Bird*
3. Stupid Girl*
4. Kansas
Side C:
1. Powderfinger
2. Hawaii
3. Drive Back*
Side D:
1. Lookin’ For A Love*
2. Pardon My Heart*
3. Too Far Gone
4. Pocahontas
5. No One Seems To Know
* next to the song title indicates that this version was on Zuma. All other songs are non-album tracks