Greendale DVD

Greendale DVD

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Greendale, the story of Sun Green coming of age in the world, and seeing all of the threats against the Earth, is one of my favorite films in the Shakey Pictures library. Sun Green was played by one of my daughter Amber’s friends, Sara White. I discovered her at a school play we went to see when Amber was in high school.

Larry Johnson and I shot Greendale on super 8 film cameras. I wlll never forget it. Getting up before dawn and heading to nearby Half Moon Bay from my ranch everyday, driving in Grandpa’s big white eldorado with a cup of coffee, I would meet Larry and we would plan and shoot the day. So many of my friends are in Greendale; Gary Burden as the Captain, Eric Johnson as the Devil, Mazzeo as Earl Green, Sun Green’s dad. Pegi Young as her mom Edith. Larry Johnson was the cop. Erik Markegard was Earth Brown. Erik was the son of my foreman at the ranch, Larry Markegard. Karin Markegard, Erik’s mother, played a part as well.

These folks were all my friends. I will never forget Greendale, one of the biggest highlights of my filming life.

Directed by: Bernard Shakey
Produced by: L.A. Johnson
Cinematography: Neil Young & L.A. Johnson
Executive Producer: Elliot Rabinowitz
Associate Producer: Marcy Gensic
Editor: Toshi Onuki
Music by: Neil Young
Performed by: Neil Young & Crazy Horse
Music produced by: Neil Young & L.A. Johnson