On The Beach Vinyl + Hi Res Download

On The Beach Vinyl + Hi Res Download

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Artist: Neil Young
Release date: 7/19/1974
Produced by:  Neil Young, David Briggs, Mark Harman, Al Schmitt
Neil Young: vocal, guitar, harmonica, Wurlitzer, banjo, electric tambourine
Ben Keith: bass, slide guitar, vocal, steel guitar, Wurlitzer, dobro, Organ, percussion
Rusty Kershaw: slide guitar, fiddle
David Crosby: rhythm guitar
George Whitsell: guitar
Graham Nash: Wurlitzer
Tim Drummond bass, percussion
Billy Talbot, Rick Danko: bass
Ralph Molina: drums, vocals, hand drums
Levon Helm: drums
Joe Yankee: harp, electric tambourine

1. Walk On
2. See the Sky About to Rain
3. Revolution Blues
4. For the Turnstiles
5. Vampire Blues
6. On the Beach
7. Motion Pictures (For Carrie)
8. Ambulance Blues